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Information Protection

Information Protection

HL Klemove established an information security management system for a responsible information security, and has in place an organization exclusively to conduct information protection.

Strict inspection activities are being conducted to protect the important information assets and client information,
and all company employees and the people related to the company comply with the security management regulations to protect all information assets,
such as business secrets and client security.

Information Security Management System

  • Governance

    • Security Operating System
    • IT Infrastructure Security System
    • Personal Information
      Protection System
    • Risk Management System
    • Security Compliance Response System
  • Management Policy

    • Continuous revision of the security policy
    • Create an organization with expertise and independence
    • Strengthen security education and promotion
    • Systemization of the security inspection and the point of change control
    • Responding to a security breach and penalizing violators
  • Management Process

    Establish a Standard Security Task Procedure For Each Main Management Area

    • Education inspection
    • System operations
    • IT development security
    • Exceptions processing
    • Taking in/out
    • Breach
  • Information Security Management Unit


    Security Management of the Employees
    and Stakeholders

    • New employees
    • Researchers
    • IT personnel
    • IT personnel
    • Personnel from partner companies
    • Security manager


    Establish Architecture for IT Security

    • Server
    • Database
    • IT network
    • Applications
    • Computer
    • Mobile

R&D Security Management

We conduct special security diagnosis to strength the security management of R&D, which is the core function of HL Klemove. By improving the vulnerabilities of the R&D operating system, such as the cooperation solution, etc., and establishing a security operating standard for each solution, we are conducting security guide education for the operating managers of the R&D operating system.

IT System Security Management

HL Klemove conducts the security diagnosis on the IT system, each year, in order to prevent an information leak from the IT system. Penetration testing (vulnerability inspection) is conducted each month for the web system opened to the outside to continuously prevent any information breach.

Personal Information Protection Management

HL Klemove established a management method to clarify and systemize in response to the privacy related information, both in Korea and overseas. Also, we continue to strive to comply with the relevant laws through reflecting any changes to the privacy related laws, conducting personal information protection education, inspecting the status of personal information protection and making improvements, etc.