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Safe Environment Management

“HL Klemove” practices
safe environment management promoting “Respect for Humans” and
“Improve the Quality of Life” in order to create a healthy and safe work environment.

Safety, Environment and Health Policy

Priority in Safety, Environment and Health
Safety, environment and health is considered a top priority in all stages of design, development manufacturing, additional services and discard and in management activities, and removes any risk factors and reduces health and safety risks.
Compliance with Laws
We comply with all legal requirements related to safety, environment, health and others.
Continuous Improvements
We continuously improve the safe environment management system in order to provide safe and healthy work conditions, prevent environmental pollution, protect the environment and to improve the environmental safety health performance to prevent any work-related accidents and health hazards.
Preparation and Responding to Emergencies
In order to eradicate personal and physical loss and environmental pollution, we determine the possible emergencies, conduct training and maintain an emergency response system.
The environment, safety and health policy is shared, discussed and participated in by all employees, labor representative and partner companies for them to participate actively in the environment, safety and health management.
Secure Transparency
The transparency of environment, safety and health management is guaranteed by providing the environment, safety and health policy and outcome to the clients or stakeholders, when requested.

Environment, Safety and Health Goals

  • 100% Compliance
    with the
  • Discover and Improve
    Risk Factors in the Fields
    (Improvement: 100%)
  • Zero Chemical
  • Create a Pleasant
    Work Environment

Direction of Environment, Safety and Health (ESH)

Compliance with Laws

  • 1. Manage most recent environment, safety and health laws information
  • 2. Compliance management through the regular monitoring of law compliances
  1. Determine the most recent laws
  2. Registration on the law ledger
  3. Distribute company wide
  4. Legal compliance monitoring
  5. Measures on improvements

Remove harmful, risk factors

  • 1. Discover and Improve Harmful, risk factors through risk assessment
  • 2. Risk management through environment, safety and health management system
  • 3. Improve the ability of partner companies to manage safety through a win-win partnership program
  1. Subjected to Risk Assessment Pre-Investigation
  2. Determine Risks
  3. Decide Risks
  4. Decide the Allowable Scope
  5. Establish and Implement Risk Reduction Measures

Zero Chemical Accidents

  • 1. Prevent accidents by providing chemical hazard information
  • 2. Establish an emergency response system
  1. Application to Use a Newly Registered Substance
  2. Review the Related Legal Regulations And Management Standards
  3. Chemical Substance Harmful and Risk Assessment
  4. Decide on Whether to
    Use or Not
  5. Provide Substance Safety Health Data And Education

Create a Pleasant Work Environment

  • 1. Manage the harmful factor exposure standard through the work environment measurement
  • 2. 5S Activities
  1. Determine the harmful factors
  2. Work environment measurement
  3. Improve processes in excess of the exposure standard
  4. Re-measurement and follow-up management

Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Energy Management / Waste Management