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Responsible Supply Chain Management

HL Klemove seeks to grow as the global leader
by practicing mutual growth with the partner companies
through strengthening the partnership and cooperation.

Core Tasks in Mutual Growth


Build a culture of fair transactions

Comply with the 4 practices
Employee education

Strengthen the competitiveness of
the partner companies

Improve the conditions of the
price payment
Quality education

Create a trusting relationship

Operate a partners’ day
Improve difficulties

Supply chain ESG

Supplier code of conduct
Management of
conflict minerals


Create a culture of fair transactions

Fair Subcontracting Transactions

HL Klemove executes a fair transactions agreement with the partner companies in order to establish a fair subcontracting order and a win-win partnership and has introduced the 4 practices (contract execution, registration and management of partner companies, establish and manage internal review committee and the issuance and preservation of documents) enacted by the Fair Trade Commission.

Employee Education

HL Klemove recognizes the partner companies as a lateral partner based on mutual respect. HL Klemove conducts the work manner education, outsourcing education, etc. for the employees to establish a win-win mind set with the partner companies.

Fair Trade Commission’s 4 Subcontracting Practices
  • 01Execution of a Desirable Contract
  • 02Selection and
    Operation of
    Partner Companies
  • 03Establish and Operate an
    Internal Review
  • 04Issuance and
    Preservation of
    Suitable Documents


Strengthen the Competitiveness of Partner Companies

Improve the Payment Conditions

HL Klemove strives to improve the payment conditions for a better cashflow of the partner companies

Quality Education

HL Klemove continuously conducts education to spread the quality mind of the partner companies and to nurture key talents at the partner companies.


Create a trusting relationship

Operate a Partner’s Day

HL Klemove operates a Partner’s Day with the partner companies to transparently share the company’s business plan, quality goal and road map and to create a trusting business relationship.

Improving the Difficulties

HL Klemove receives the issues of difficulties and makes improvements through a discussion with the relevant departments. Also, we are strengthening communication by regularly visiting the partner companies and sharing the difficult issues.

Contact point for submitting any difficulties faced
Purchasing center


Supply chain ESG

Supplier code of conduct

HL Klemove has established a Supplier Code of Conduct and has continued its support activities for the building of sustainable management systems for its suppliers.

Management of conflict minerals

HL Klemove makes its best efforts to prevent social issues such as the infringement of human rights, environmental destruction, and financing for any conflict organization that may occur during the course of mining various minerals used within its supply chains.