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Social Contribution

‘HL Klemove’ shares the warm heart with the world,
beyond your comfortable movement, to trust the world and move safely and comfortably.

A company that you can trust
in making the world more comfortable

Trust A trusted company
Comfort A comforting company
Together A sharing company


A trusted company

We strive to fulfill our responsibilities towards society and the people.

HL Klemove strives to grow as a trusted company by fulfilling our responsibilities towards society and the people around us through blood-drive activities,
donating the rounded off amounts from the wages to the campaigns for the needy, etc. through voluntary participation by the employees in order to share with society and the neighbors.


A comforting company

We create a more comfortable environment through implementing eco-friendly activities.

By operating a volunteer group, HL Klemove is implementing nature cleaning activities. We strive to provide a more comfortable environment
by practicing eco-friendly management through a carbon-neutrality campaign at our factories.


A sharing company

We share with society through various social contribution activities.

Through sisterhood activities and scholarship/donation activities, HL Klemove continuously implements activities to be with the local communities.
HL Klemove continuously discovers activities to be with society, and we strive to become a company that contributes to society.