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Compliance with law and ethics is the highest management principle of HL Klemove, and has set in place a compliance management process to implement the business according to the laws of each country where the business is operating.

Also, we have established and are implementing a compliance control standard to promote fair and transparent work performance
and to secure the healthy development of the company and trust of the clients.

Compliance Risk Management

In order to minimize the legal risk from various business locations, both domestic and overseas, we implement compliance surveillance activities at all times, to review any violation of the laws when making important decisions and executing various contracts. Moreover, a security diagnosis of the IT system is conducted in order to comply with the current laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act and Communications Network Utilization Act, etc., and the level of security on the personal information of the company’s HR information system is inspected. Also, we conduct compliance education for employees in the areas of personal information, intellectual property rights, anti-corruption, etc. to improve the employees’ awareness on compliance.

Compliance Inspection Activities

HL Klemove appointed a compliance officer, pursuant to the relevant laws, including Article 542-13 of the Commercial Act, to implement the regular and irregular compliance inspection activities at our business locations, in Korea and overseas, and we are conducting efficient compliance inspection activities by reflecting the improvements necessary based on the result of the inspection in relation to the management activities. The compliance officer implements the compliance inspection activities, such as establishing/amending the relevant rules (compliance control standard), inspect and improve the details and the method of issuing the technical data request and establishing agreements with the stakeholders, etc.

Unfair Trade Reporting Channel

HL Klemove operates the cyber audit office to receive reports on the violations of ethical rules and the code of ethics by the HL Klemove employees and external stakeholders, such as unfair trade, and is implementing the improvement activities. Anonymity is guaranteed to protect the informant from being disadvantaged, and any disadvantage or discrimination is strictly prohibited. Moreover, we are making efforts to improve unfair trade by operating a cyber reporting channel through the company homepage so that the various stakeholders, other than the employees, can report any unfair trade activities.