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Value System


To Manifest a World Where Your
Most Comfortable Movement is
Your Safest Moment

To manifest a world where your most comfortable movement becomes your safest moment.


The Most Trusted Company
Intelligent Mobility

Our goal is to become the most trusted company in the field of intelligent mobility.



Preemptive Action, Leading Results

Management Philosophy of Halla Group

‘Jeong-do’ ManagementIntegrity

Work fair and square by complying
with all of the basics and principles.

  • Sincerity

    Work with complete sincerity while
    complying with all of the basics
    and principles.

  • Transparency

    Share the work process and
    results openly with
    the related personnel.

  • Honesty

    Avoid using words and deeds
    that are against one’s true conscience
    and act properly and honestly.


Be the best by taking on the challenges
and innovating with an indomitable will.

  • Challenge

    Set a high target and boldly take the risk.

  • Innovation

    Pursue newness with differentiated ideas,
    completely free from stereotypes.

  • Best

    Learn passionately to become
    a candid expert in one’s field.

Work TogetherTogether

Seek coexistence through consideration
and communication.

  • Consideration

    Respect each other’s personality
    and diversity, and give compliments
    even for those trivial matters.

  • Communication

    Have conversations with an open mind
    and truly empathize with each other’s

  • Trust

    Trust and rely on one another
    and fulfill your responsibilities
    without fail.