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HL Klemove is creating a new future mobility generation
through solution innovation in diverse areas.

Moving Towards Diverse
Mobility Beyond Automobiles

The freedom of movement dreamt by HL Klemove is not merely limited to automobiles.
We are preparing for the autonomous driving of all forms of mobility that we can imagine


Our physical self, our time, and our thoughts become freer
on the next level on account of expansion of autonomous driving mobility


Our aim is to embrace the friendliness of the environment, beyond the friendliness
of movement and user friendliness, through shared mobility and efficient movement.

The era of unmanned

We are taking the steps towards an unmanned world through
the autonomous driving logistics mobility of products we need in our daily lives.


The future is already upon us where an unmanned robot with autonomous driving functions
can solve the problems of overflowing logistics volume, tight delivery deadlines and an insufficient workforce, etc.
It can contribute to the reduction of fuel and carbon emissions, in addition to the efficiency of logistics.


The solution can expand into, not only the unmanned logistics area, but also into unmanned
public transportation Unmanned agricultural system
We consider the problems from the traffic, environmental pollution and the decrease in the population from agriculture industry

Future Mobility Service

What we have always imagined in our daily lives comes true in the near future. Going beyond the simple mobility,
HL Klemove paves the road of future mobility for people to make them focus more on what they truly value.

Autonomous valet parking (AVP)

Ever hesitant for a grocery shopping on weekends due to packed parking lots? Our autonomous valet parking service provides you with automated parking & exit without you in the driving seat. All these are enabled by our sensors that recognize the surrounding environments and communicates with near infrastructure.

City Pilot (CP)

A fully autonomous driving system, which makes autonomous driving possible in congested and complex city roads, allows for an auto shuttle at a crossroad and the Robo taxi service.
You can expect to see a diverse range of services that will make our lives more convenient in the near future.