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Data Solutions

From data gathering to smart service

HL Klemove aims to research and develop cloud platforms and AI technologies using data analytics.
Driving data and service related data generated during the lifetime of mobility are being explored,
analyzed and forecasted for ‘Smart Mobility Life’

HL Klemove provides data solutions and services to B2B Users and B2C Users, and reprocesses the user data generated from them from data storage. Through such reprocessed data, cloud platforms, big data analysis, and AI technologies are developed. We will provide the insights analyzed from the data to B2B and B2C Users again.

The total data solution that HL Klemove provides is powered by the cloud platform where user data is collectively refined,
converged and analyzed, which creates new values for B2B/B2C customers.
Our solution is in pursuit of customer-oriented service on the back of advancing the functionality
by incorporating exterior solution on customers’ demands and providing a variety of services ranging from webs to mobile apps.